iOS-style swipeout buttons that appear from behind a component

swipeout preview


npm install --save react-native-swipeout

Usage example

See example/index.ios.js for a more detailed example. See the Wiki usage tips. To use swipeout behind a iOS-style listitem, try react-native-listitem.

import Swipeout from 'react-native-swipeout';

// Buttons
var swipeoutBtns = [
    text: 'Button'

// Swipeout component
<Swipeout right={swipeoutBtns}>
    <Text>Swipe me left</Text>


autoCloseboolYesfalseauto close on button press
closeboolYesclose swipeout
disabledboolYesfalsewhether to disable the swipeout
leftarrayYes[]swipeout buttons on left
onOpenfuncYes(sectionID, rowId, direction: string) => void
onClosefuncYes(sectionID, rowId, direction: string) => void
rightarrayYes[]swipeout buttons on right
scrollfuncYesprevent parent scroll
stylestyleYesstyle of the container
sensitivitynumberYes50change the sensitivity of gesture
buttonWidthnumberYeseach button width
Button props
backgroundColorstringYes‘#b6bec0’background color
colorstringYes‘#ffffff’text color
componentReactNodeYesnullpass custom component to button
onPressfuncYesnullfunction executed onPress
textstringYes‘Click Me’text
typestringYes‘default’default, delete, primary, secondary
underlayColorstringYesnullbutton underlay color on press
disabledboolYesfalsedisable button

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