❤️ Clean and powerful Eva Icons implementation for React Native based on react-native-svg elements.


npm i react-native-eva-icons

This framework assumes you have already installed react-native-svg, but if not – you should install it too.


Icons can be used by it’s name using only Icon component.

import { Icon } from 'react-native-eva-icons';

export const GithubIcon = () => (
  <Icon name='github' width={48} height={48}/>

You can also use a direct imports.

import GithubIcon from 'react-native-eva-icons/icons/Github';

export const GithubIcon = () => (
  <GithubIcon width={48} height={48}/>


React Native Eva Icons are built with react-native-svg elements. All of the components can accept the same properties as SVG elements.

For example, you can change icon fill color with the following code

import { Icon } from 'react-native-eva-icons';

export const GithubIcon = () => (
  <Icon name='github' fill='red'/>


Try it on Snack!

Where is icons source code?

React Native Eva Icons sources are generated with ts-node scripts, so there is no need to track them in default branch of the repo. But if you don’t trust CI and want to review generated sources, take a look at bundle branch.

How can I support this project?

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